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Suspension repairs near Englewood Colorado

Is your suspension ready for winter travel?

We all know how difficult our travel conditions can be from this time of year onwards. For comfort and safety, we all want to be able to trust our vehicle’s suspension. Have you noticed your front-end dipping sharply as you come to a stop? Do you seem to bounce too much when you encounter a…
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Manual and Automatic Transmission Repairs

Tips for protecting a transmission this winter

Cold temperatures, ice and snow can damage your vehicle’s transmission in various ways this winter. Follow these tips to try to protect it: Store your vehicle in a warm garage to prevent rapid transitions from freezing cold to hot temperatures at startup. Rapid temperature changes can make parts, materials and seals break down, which can…
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Automatic transmission service

What’s that burning smell?

If you were to say that indoors, you might see a panicked expression cross the face of the cook or baker in your family as they dash in the direction of the kitchen! It’s important to appreciate that, if you smell burning from your vehicle, then it’s something to be dealt with just as urgently.…
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Manual transmission repairs in englewood

How to tell if your manual transmission needs repair

Caring for your manual transmission is key to keeping it running smoothly and safely. Properly maintaining it will make the car last longer and save you money. Here are some signs you need to visit a transmission repair shop: Slipping clutch – this one is obvious. If you try to change gears and have trouble…
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Truck Transmission Replacement in Colorado

What exactly does the differential do?

This is one of the words you often hear but is rarely explained. If you are wondering, the differential is a key element of both front and rear axle assemblies and is connected to the transmission. Its task is to distribute the correct amount of power (also known as torque) to the wheels on either…
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transmission flush service

What should my transmission fluid look like?

Your car’s transmission fluid is one of the single biggest indicators of transmission health. What should your transmission fluid look like? Here are some characteristics to watch out for. Red: Transmission fluid is always red when brand new but will turn light brown as it ages. Dark brown or black: Dark brown or black fluid…
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Manual transmission replacement in Englewood

Dealing with common clutch problems

If the clutch in your vehicle is not performing as it should, there could be a variety of reasons. Problems such as these require expert help. Below are some of the possible causes. A stretched or broken clutch cable The linkage needs to be adjusted Air trapped in the hydraulic line Leaking, or a blockage…
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How to find reliable transmission mechanic

Hot temps lead to overheating during summer road trips

Road trips during the summer can leave you with more than just tired and hot children. It can leave you stranded on the way to or from your favorite destination if you haven’t checked under the hood recently. Don’t get stranded and left out in the blazing, hot sun. Our Key Transmission and Gears team…
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Manual transmission replacement near me

Two ‘feelings’ of your manual transmission

Sports stars, such as golfers or tennis players, often talk about the touch or feel of playing certain shots. They know how well (or badly) they’ve hit it in just an instant. When driving, there are a couple of feelings from your manual transmission that could suggest a problem. Firstly, we know that shifting gear…
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Transmission reapair near me

Not been using your vehicle much recently?

We know that many drivers have had comparatively little use for their vehicles over the lockdown period. Cars that were put through their paces each and every day might have been on the equivalent of a long (and unasked for) vacation. As things slowly begin to move to the ‘new normal’ it’s possible that your…
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Transmission repair, Key Transmission and Gears Denver CO

Three key actions to help protect your automatic transmission

As the old saying goes: prevention is better than cure. This is certainly true with your automatic transmission. Here are three actions to follow to protect yours… Have all components and fluid levels checked on a regular basis. Conduct a complete flush of the transmission and clean out any accumulated sludge. Drain the pan gasket…
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Automatic transmission service

Spotting automatic transmission problems

Do you suspect that there is something wrong with your automatic transmission? Take a look and see if you can spot any of these warning signs. Odd smells There is a range of odors given off by any vehicle, but a burning smell is never a good sign! If you detect such a smell, one…
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