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Automatic transmission service

How to protect your transmission during the winter

During the winter months, it is even more important to ensure your transmission is in working order. The colder temperatures make the fluids in your car thicker, so they don’t lubricate as well. To counteract this, drive at a slow speed for several miles, during cold weather. This will increase the temperature of your transmission.…
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4 key service actions for your automatic transmission

When you have your automatic transmission serviced – and it’s important to do so for the smooth running of your vehicle – the following actions will be taken… All components will be carefully checked The transmission will be flushed, drained and de-sludged Fluids will be fully topped off as necessary The pan gasket will be…
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4 reasons for having your manual transmission checked

As you are driving, do watch out for any of the following manual transmission signals… New or unexpected noises – such as a grinding or scraping sound – either as you shift gear or are simply cruising along the highway. Muscles required – gear shifting should be fairly effortless, so if it’s hard work to…
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What does a clutch actually do – and what can go wrong?

The clutch is what connects your vehicle’s engine to the transmission. Using the clutch pedal allows a driver to both engage and disengage the systems and then select from different gears. Some folk automatically believe that a clutch fault also means there’s a manual transmission problem too – but often this is not the case.…
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Keeping your car’s transmission in working condition

Keeping your car’s transmission in working condition is essential if you want to avoid costly repairs on your vehicle that could result from a lack of long-term maintenance. Periodically check your transmission fluid. Just like checking your oil: while your engine is on idle, pull the dipstick out, wipe it off, insert again, pull it…
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Is your transmission failing?

A tried and true sign of a failing clutch is if your engine races, but your car starts out very slow. This happens because the material that grips the pressure plate or flywheel is worn out, causing a slippage. Another way to tell is if you’re hearing noises, with the engine off, when pressing the…
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Make sure your import car is getting the service it needs

Owning an import car can be a blessing and a curse. They are a joy to drive, and the interior design is amazing, but getting them properly serviced can be a challenge. It is important to find a shop that understands imports, especially if you are having work done on your transmission. At a qualified…
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transmission service

The dangers of a dying transmission

Cars are our most valuable means of transportation, yet they also require the most care to ensure we get to our destination safely and on time every day. One of the most expensive repairs on any vehicle can be the transmission. With so many moving parts, the transmission is essentially the brains of your engine.…
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Transmission maintenance and service

3 signs you may need your transmission repaired

It’s always great to know the signs to look for when determining if your vehicle needs transmission repair. Three signs you should know to look for are: Burnt or black transmission fluid When your transmission is in good condition, its fluid is usually a bright red color. However, if your transmission fluid is very dark…
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Transmission repairs for Honda

Searching for a great import repair shop? We can help

Are you looking for a great place to bring your foreign vehicle for upkeep and repair in the Denver area? There’s no need to find a specialty shop. The experts at our family owned shop can be trusted to care for and repair your foreign vehicle. We’re a full-service import transmission repair shop and we…
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Transmission repairs in Englewood, co

How to Break Your Transmission in 5 Simple Steps

Today, Key Transmission and Gears in Englewood, Colorado offers these 5 easy ways to break your transmission. It may surprise you to know this, but the life of a transmission is far more dependent on the care and maintenance it receives then how it was manufactured. The good thing about this is that by simply…
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How to Diagnose a Problem with Your Vehicle’s Clutch

Here at Key Transmission and Gears in Sheridan, Colorado we want you to be safe out on the road. So, we’ve written up a handy guide on how to detect a problem with your vehicle’s clutch. It’s an important aspect of road safety and something that every driver who owns a manual car should know…
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