Manual Transmission Repair Englewood

Key Transmission and Gears, Englewood Colorado

With more and more drivers switching to automatics, die-hard manual vehicle owners need to be a bit more selective when it comes to choosing a shop to maintain and repair their car or truck. Here at Key Transmission in Englewood, our team of experts work on every type of transmission all day, every day.

So, if you drive stick, you can trust us to take great care of every component in the system:

  • Clutch
  • Clutch Plate
  • Synchronizer Assembly
  • Flywheel
  • Torque Converter
  • Differential
  • CV Joints & Axles
  • Transfer Case
  • Driveshaft
  • U-Joints
  • Bearings & Hardware

Along with repairs, rebuilds and replacing manual transmissions, we also provide mileage-based services for your car, including fluid changes, complete transmission flushes, as well as filter and gasket changes.

While a full maintenance schedule can be found in the owner’s manual, the average interval for manual transmissions is around 30,000 miles, less for tow vehicles. If you’ve put on more miles than that since you last brought in your vehicle for a check-up, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

Manual transmission service

Signs You Need Manual Transmission Repair

If you notice any of these common issues, contact Key Transmission and Gears in Englewood for an expert diagnosis and fast repairs.

Grinding or Other Noises – Pay attention to new and unusual noises. Whether you’re shifting or cruising at a consistent speed, grinding or scraping noises could be trouble.

Won’t Get into Gear – Shifting should be smooth and effortless, so if you’re having to use more muscle to change gears, or they won’t change, bring your car into the shop.

Popping Out of Gear – This happens when a gear slips out of a fixed gear position. Disengagement in a manual transmission can lead to freewheeling and affect drivability.

Hard or Soft Clutch Pedal – For a hard pedal, it could be linkage or clutch hydraulics. For soft, you may just need a clutch adjustment or a look at the clutch plate. Either way, don’t put off repairs.