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Key Transmission And Gears, Englewood Colorado

Many trans shops out there but not too many that are good. JEFF and the crew do a great job. They care about the customer and they’re honest. What more do you need out of the tranny shop. Some people expect things to be done overnight and guess what good work takes a little bit of time so that some of the reviews are in patient take it easy would you.

Al O.

Jeff was amazing! Most Honest Mechanic I’ve run into so far. Advised that my Transmission Body valve more than likely was shot and not to put much more money into my FORD which has over 126,000 Miles on it. He said if I wanted to buy the part he’d install it for me and just charge me labor. Going to bring my future cars back to this guy!!

Ok..Jeff and his crew are the best. We bought a little used car for my niece which else what was wrong with it and how we go about fixing it absolute got to tell you I love this shop !! If I could give it more than five stars I would!

Shannon H.

We we’re from out of state when our car broke down! Jeff was awesome and helped us immensely. He actually plugged the car computer code reader in right in front of us and showed us what was wrong. I’ve never seen that kind of honesty and straightforward help from a mechanic before, and the price was almost too fair. Please don’t hesitate to go here if you have car trouble!

Rosie Hesla

I brought my Porsche 944 to them to replace my shot automatic transmission dampner and they did a terrific job with a very difficult job.
Thanks to Jeff and John for their expertise.

James Thomas

These guys are great!! Price, workmanship, and customer service is the best I’ve ever seen. Really friendly staff, who showed me exactly what was wrong and explained different options to repair it.

Matt Mcgarry

I had the front end of my 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser rebuilt. They did a fantastic job. It should go another 250K miles. Jeff and his son kept the old parts to show me how they worked and how they were worn. Jeff even told me I could come over and check it out while it was taken apart while waiting for the parts to arrive. By the way, it took a while for the parts, but he scanned the Internet and got a good price on the entire axle kit.

kurt de venecia

THE MOST HONEST SHOP IN DENVER!!!!!! I took my old Volkswagen Eurovan in with a bunch of codes on. Four other shops in town estimated $2300 to $4800. He told me it just needed to be driven around because it had benn sitting for a long time. He was right!!! Two yeats later no codes and no problems. THANK YOU FOR BEING HONEST!!!!👍

jeff mills

Jeff is the best guy for a transmission replacement in all of Colorado. He has taken on 2 transmission jobs that other wanted a fortune for, or simply refused to work on. Jeff is accurate, reliable, reasonable and friendly. I little hard to find and not in the fanciest of areas, but his work speaks for itself. I will never trust anyone but Jeff to work on another transmission of mine. Seriously, if you don’t choose to come to key transmission and gears, your making a mistake

David Poole

A huge thank you to Lupe and Doris for all of your help with my truck after I was released from the hospital.Not only did you stand by your work, and repaired my truck at no charge, you installed the new transmission 7 months before for 1000 dollars less than anyone else.You are crazy if you go anywhere else for auto repairs.God bless you.Earl Pettet

Earl P.

I had taken my truck to the dealership because my check engine light came on.  The dealership proceeded to tell me that I needed a new transmission.  After the initial shock of the diagnosis and the $3900.00 price I was told, I called my father and he referred me to this place.  Lupe looked at it and told me exactly what I needed and it wasn’t even close to what the dealership had said.  A new part and an adjustment and now it’s running like new.  It’s good to know there are still honest hard working mechanics out there.  Thank you again

Randy S.

I was referred here by a friend of the family and I’m so thankful. Lupe was so very reasonable with his price almost $1000 less than other companies. We’ve had the truck back for about a week now after getting a rebuilt transmission and it feels like it never went out. I would highly recommend them!

Kristina M.

These people are so nice and honest it was incredible. I drove down from Avon, CO and they fixed my transmission, twice. Twice, because there was a minor problem, and they wouldn’t let me leave until THEY were happy!! I can’t recommend them highly enough!! There pricing is not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for…the best. And everyone I have sent since has said the same thing. Nice to have a great car repair experience.

Bryan W.

Knowing a good and honest mechanic is important. I learned about Key Transmission from another mechanic who spoke highly of Jeff. And he did not disappoint. He does great work and is incredibly fair and refreshingly honest. I highly recommend using Key Transmission and Gears if you need some work done on your car.

Jake O.

It might have been pricey, but they got my car fixed up from a total transmission repair in just a few days, and even took care of the black widow nest that happened to be there. Very easy to talk to.

Dylan P.

Jeff was very pleasant to work with from start to finish. Very good prices with quality work. I would definitely take my car to Key Transmission again! Thank you so much for everything. A+++ business.

Sean B

Jeff was very polite and easy to work with. He took the time to diagnose a unique problem with my truck. He seemed to be very knowledgeable. The night drop off was convenient.

Paul R.

Key did a great job fixing the transmission on my daughter’s 2005 Malibu Maxx. The transmission wouldn’t shift into forward gears. They discovered a broken pipe assembly inside and replaced that part. The repair price was very close to their estimate and also very reasonable – much cheaper than a new or rebuilt transmission that some other (dishonest) shop may have tried to charge me for. Jeff (owner) was also straight forward and very good to work with. I definitely recommend Key Transmission and I’ll be back if I have other transmission problems or service needs in the future.

Phil B.

Lupe and Doris are the BEST! I have ALWAYS trusted their work (for over 10 year)…they have never failed to get the job done, be completely up front on pricing and delivery of service. Their professional demeanor is excellent. The business is honest-hard quality to find…They are down to earth, break-your-back work ethics people! I have moved from Denver to Virginia, I miss not being able to have my vehicles serviced, but my children who live in Denver continue to call on Lupe for any work they need….and folks I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE! Stop by and visit them…you will feel the same!

Marilee B.

Absolutely honestly the best guys I have ever delt with. No pressures to do unnecessary work. Treated me well and I will go back next time I need my car fixed.

Shannon S