Clutch Repair Service, Englewood

Key Transmission and Gears, Englewood Colorado

At Key Transmission and Gears in Englewood, we help drivers across the Denver area keep their clutches and vehicles road-ready. And while clutches and manual transmissions go hand-in-hand, a problem with your clutch probably doesn’t mean there’s a problem with your transmission.

In fact, the clutch is just the connection point between your vehicle’s transmission and engine. It allows you to disengage and reengage these systems using a clutch pedal. You then select from different gears depending on how much engine power you want the transmission to send to the wheels, then slowly ease off the pedal to ensure the engine doesn’t stall out (a common mistake for novice stick drivers).

Our experts here at Key Transmission and Gears in Englewood offer a variety of clutch repair services that can typically fix numerous problems quickly and painlessly:

  • Air in the hydraulic line
  • Linkage needing adjustment
  • Stretched or broken clutch cable
  • Bad throw-out bearing
  • Leaky/blocked master cylinder
  • Improper play in clutch pedal
For clutch repair services you can trust, call Key Transmission and Gears to schedule an appointment.
Clutch repairs and maintenance

When It’s Time for Clutch Replacement

If you suspect a bigger issue, such as the clutch slipping, get in touch with Key Transmission and Gear for a thorough diagnosis at our Englewood shop asap. We’ll first see if any other avenue is available for clutch repair before replacement. And if it does need to be replaced, we offer highly competitive prices.

Here are the symptoms you may notice if your clutch is slipping:

  • Problems with shifting or staying in gear
  • Severely declining gas mileage
  • Engine revs put you get poor acceleration
  • Gears grinding and squeaking noticeably
  • Having to press harder to engage the clutch
  • Difficulties on hills, needing to downshift often
  • Clutch pedal is loose, vibrating or spongy

Remember, a clutch repair could become a clutch replacement if a small problem is not addressed. So, come see us at Key Transmission and Gear in Englewood for friendly service and quality repairs.