Automatic Transmission Repair, Rebuild or Replace

Key Transmission and Gears, Englewood Colorado

The trained automatic transmission technicians at Key Transmission and Gears in Englewood are here to provide you with a complete range of services, from all factory scheduled transmission maintenance to repairs, rebuilds and even complete replacements.

Simply come in for the following services to keep your transmission and vehicle safely on the road:

  • Periodically inspect all components and top off fluids
  • Drain pan gasket, add fresh fluid and replace the filter
  • Flush the transmission to drain all fluid, clean out sludge
  • Remove pan gasket, check for cracks, replace if needed

If you’re already experiencing a transmission issue, you can trust our professionals to pinpoint the exact cause, explain everything you need to know and provide a competitively priced estimate.

For fast, efficient service for your automatic transmission, call Key Transmission and Gears today.
Transmission service for all makes and models

Signs of Trouble with an Automatic Transmission

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, get in touch with Key Transmission and Gears in Englewood to have it repaired right away.

Gears Unnecessarily Changing – In an automatic, you can typically feel and even hear when the vehicle changes gears. If there’s an issue, the gears may change even on a flat road or at a constant speed.

Loud or Rough Gear Changes – Clunking and thudding. Jerking or intense vibrations. Poor acceleration. These are all signs that your automatic transmission is struggling to change gears.

Lack of Response – If you’re in “park” and put your car into “drive” but actual forward movement lags, this could be a transmission problem. High engine revving without movement is another sign.

Signs of a Transmission Fluid Leak – Your transmission is a closed system, meaning it should never leak. That’s why the fluid is red and easy to detect so that you can come in for repairs asap.

Burning Smell from the Engine – Cars don’t exactly smell great, but a sudden and noticeable burning smell should not be ignored. If it’s transmission fluid burning off, you’re on your way to major damage.