Ford Transmission Repair

Ford Transmission RepairDo not wait for a repair if you are experiencing issues with your transmission. Save time, money, and the hassle of getting a complete replacement when you trust the experienced professionals at Key Transmission & Gears to handle your Ford transmission repair needs. We will zero in on the issues and provide you with the utmost in care.

We do a thorough diagnostic check of your transmission to be sure your vehicle gets what it needs. Sometimes, only a few small parts need to be replaced, effectively handling your Ford transmission repair needs. Sometimes a simple fluid replacement or resealing can have you back on the road in top condition, which is much less expensive than a complete transmission repair. Contact us to get started.

We handle work on all makes and models, but we specialize in providing top-notch quality work on Ford transmission repairs. If there is any repair needed on your vehicle, trust us at Key Transmission & Gears to get the job done for you. We are committed to providing high-quality service to every client who walks through our door. Give us a call today to get your appointment set with our talented team.

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Signs You Need a Car Alignment

Signs You Need a Car Alignment Key Transmission & Gear DenverWhat are the signs you need a car alignment? At Key Transmission and Gears in Englewood, Colorado we have put together this handy list since it’s a question we hear often. Car alignment is an easy process, and you’ll save yourself a big headache down the road by addressing it sooner than later. For example, you may have to buy all new tires if you drive for too long with your car out of alignment because they will wear unevenly.

So let’s get to it. Here are 5 signs you need a car alignment:

  1. Steering Wheel Not Centered

When driving on a straight, flat surface, your steering wheel should be perfectly centered. Or close to it at least. The vehicle’s emblem that is usually in the center of the steering wheel should be level. If your steering wheel has to be turned to go straight down a straight road, that’s an indication that your car is not aligned correctly.

  1. The Car Pulls One Way or the Other

Some people still check their alignment by letting go of the steering wheel on a straight road and seeing if the car continues straight. The truth is that not only is this dangerous as you should never let go of the steering wheel entirely but also road conditions may make the car pull a little.

A better way to check is to see if the vehicle will drive straight but with very minimal effort on your part, to keep the steering wheel from turning. You can do this at a slower speed, perhaps in a parking lot or on a quiet street.

  1. Tire Wear

Remember that we mentioned driving a car out of alignment causes wear on the tires? It can cause all sorts of different wear patterns. If you notice that your tires are not wearing evenly, be sure to check the alignment of your car. Being out of alignment is not the only problem that can cause tire wear. A knowledgeable mechanic can make a good guess as to what the issue is just by examining the wear pattern.

  1. Loose Handling

Some vehicles naturally have more play in the steering wheel than others. However, if your vehicle has unusually loose handling, especially around corners and such, the alignment may be to blame. Be sure to have it checked quickly to ensure maximum safety on the road.

  1. Steering Wheel Doesn’t Return to Center

After completing a turn, the steering wheel in a properly aligned vehicle will seek to go back to center. Of course, you should never let go and let the car straighten itself on its own. But if the steering wheel doesn’t even attempt to seek center, that’s an indication that your vehicle is out of alignment.

As soon as you notice one or more of these signs you need a car alignment, bring your car in. Driving a vehicle out of alignment for an extended period will eventually cause a host of other problems, not just with your tires. If you need help or further advice related to your vehicle, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Key Transmission and Gears. We’re here to serve you!

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Denver Transmission Service

Key Transmission and Gears offers quality, reliability, service and warranty when repairing your transmission. Transmission service in Denver is easy to find through Key Transmission and Gears as we service all of Denver including the surrounding metro area and have been doing so successfully for over 20 years. Automobile transmissions are designed to hold each gear at predetermined speeds without complication. A common determination of a transmission problem is when you shift your selector into “drive” and the engine appears to race faster than the transmission. If automobile transmission slips between gears, it can lead to possible transmission problems.

Our ASE trained transmission technicians in Denver will determine the following problems worthy of transmission service: worn or damaged parts within the transmission that may require an internal repair, electrical controls that may need adjustment or replacement, external control for transmission which requires a simple adjustment or replacement, or the identification of insufficient transmission fluid levels that may be the cause of low fluid pressure. Key Transmission and Gears offer several warranty programs to avoid trouble free driving.  These warranties cover defective transmission materials and workmanship, including parts and labor. The warranties for Denver transmission service can be purchased for an allotted time of 12 months to 24 months or 12,000 to 24,000 miles; whichever comes first. Appointments can be made online but when it comes to the need for transmission service in Denver, do not hesitate to call and schedule your appointment at Key Transmission and Gears right away. 
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5 Most Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Transmission PART 2

5 Most Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Transmission PART 2 Last time at Key Transmissions and Gears, we talked about 2 of the 5 most common mistakes that can ruin your transmission. This time we’ll finish up the other 3. Armed with knowing what NOT to do, you will be adequately equipped to ensure that your transmission lives a long and productive life.

As you may recall, the first two mistakes were not servicing the transmission and not refilling the transmission fluid. 

  1. Using the wrong type of transmission fluid

Just as bad as not putting in the fluid at all, is putting in the wrong type of fluid. Transmission fluids vary drastically from one to the other in viscosity and additives and using the wrong type will quickly degrade or even destroy your transmission. So be sure to check with the ASE certified team at Key Transmission for good advice.

  1. Pretending a problem will go away

Virtually all car owners seem to suffer from the same delusion that if they ignore a warning sign long enough it will go away. The truth is that they are often right, the warning signs do go away, but after something disastrous has happened.

So if you notice strange noises when changing gears, find dark red fluid stains on your driveway or have trouble with shaking, slipping, grinding of the gears or even straight up stalling, you should bring your vehicle in. You might worry about the cost of repairs, but you will inevitably end up paying a lot more by continuing to drive and severely damaging the transmission.

  1. Letting your transmission get too hot

Transmissions are not designed to take a lot of heat. Overheating causes about 90% of transmission failures. Roughly speaking, for about every 20 degrees that your transmission goes over the recommended temperature and is allowed to continue running, its life gets cut in half.

There are various reasons that your transmission could be running hot. Sometimes it’s a simple fix like cleaning out the transmission fluid and replacing it, although it could also be slippage or a defective solenoid. Regardless of what is causing the excessive heat, it will be less expensive to fix whatever minor issue is causing it, than waiting for the transmission to fail altogether and paying for a replacement.

Here at Key Transmission and Gears in Sheridan, Colorado we want our customers to know how best to take care of their vehicles, in particular, their car’s transmission. One of the most efficient ways to keep our customers happy is to maintain their vehicles in good working order. The absolute best way of accomplishing that is to properly educate the vehicle owner on a few simple steps that will go a very long way towards the health of the transmission.

We hope our 5 Most Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Transmission has been helpful to you, and we recommend following it to get the longest life out of your transmission. Of course, if you have any questions or begin to experience issues, call or contact the friendly professionals at Key Transmission.