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Make Key Transmission & Gears your Ford transmission repair shop in Denver. We have provided service to countless drivers in the area, and we would love to help you get on the road safely with our mechanical knowledge. We work hard to save you money and finish your repair as quickly as possible. Contact us to set an appointment with our talented technicians today. Depend on a Ford transmission repair shop that is committed to your satisfaction.

Our team can handle manual and automatic transmission repairs on any make and model. We have the training and experience you are looking for in a trusted Ford transmission repair shop. Make sure your Ford truck, car, or SUV stays in business for as many years as possible when you let the professionals at Key Transmission & Gears handle your routine vehicle maintenance and transmission repair or replacement needs.

Let us check your transmission for worn down or damaged parts in need of replacement. Simply repairing the pieces instead of replacing your whole transmission is much more economical repair. Our team will check out your electrical controls to be sure the problem doesn’t lie there to save you money. Count on Key Transmission & Gears for all of your Ford transmission repair needs.

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Top Signs You Have a Clutch Problem

Top Signs You Have a Clutch ProblemIf you drive a manual vehicle for long enough, here in Englewood or across Denver, you will eventually run into problems with your clutch. That’s why it’s so important to know the top signs you have a clutch problem. Key Transmission and Gears presents this helpful list because we know that there is no good guideline, mileage or time passed, to determine when your clutch might go out and need to be replaced.

When it comes to your clutch, the type of driving that you do and the type of driver you are will have the biggest impact on performance. For example, the more you ride the clutch, the faster it wears out. What you can do is pay attention for the top signs you have a clutch problem.

  1. You notice a burning smell

An overheating clutch plate will give off a smell akin to burning rubber. You might even notice a bit of smoke coming out from under your vehicle. Don’t think that just because you don’t see smoke that something isn’t wrong. The burning smell may be unaccompanied by smoke and is still an indication of something being wrong. This is usually created by riding the clutch and is an indicator that you need to have your clutch checked immediately.

  1. You’re having trouble shifting

You might notice that the car starts to shake a lot when shifting, or it becomes increasingly difficult to engage a new gear. This effect usually shows up first in either reverse or first gear so pay particular attention when shifting into those two gears.

  1. You notice that the car starts slipping out of gear

This will show up most often when the car is working hard, such as when going uphill or accelerating. The car starts to be jerky and may even slip completely out of gear. You need to have your clutch checked, as at the very least it needs, to be repaired and possibly even completely replaced.

  1. You can see visible damage to the clutch

If you are one of those people who know what you are doing, you can get under your vehicle and do some detective work. There is usually an inspection cover on the bottom of the bell housing that you can remove in order to see the clutch itself. If you see a fine black dust all over the clutch, don’t worry about that, it is normal. However, if you can see marks and damage on the clutch, then you know that repairs are in order.

Of course, you don’t have to be an expert mechanic to ensure that your car is in good working condition. These top signs you have a clutch problem are just to help you know when to take your car to a qualified mechanic, like the ones we have here at Key Transmission and Gears. Our trained technicians are excellent at inspecting your vehicle and determining whether you have potential problems popping up. Give us a call today if you think you might need some repairs or even just to put your mind at ease.

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Hauling, Transmission Damage and More

Hauling, Transmission Damage and MoreToday, Key Transmission and Gears in Englewood offers a few quick pointers on hauling, transmission damage and more. If you operate a tow vehicle on a regular basis, whether for work or for fun, you want it to last. Keep these pointers in mind as you hit the road, and you’ll have a pleasant journey. 

Overworked Engine

This is the number one mistake made by people towing. Pay close attention during hot weather, to all of your pressure gauges, temperate gauges, and exhaust gas temperature gauges. If temperatures reach a critical point, it will cause a meltdown of the engine system, and that can only spell trouble.

Take it easy to prevent transmission damage. Arriving at your destination a bit later will spare you from a blown transmission and big repair bill to get you back on the road.


For safety reasons and transmission longevity reasons, be sure to load your trailer correctly. This is going to make a bigger difference than you realize. You want the majority of the cargo weight in front, near the tongue. Then disperse weight all the way to the back.

Need for Speed

This seems like an obvious one, but accidents caused by racing down the highway while pulling a trailer happen daily. Of course, you want to get to your destination, but at what cost? Take it slow and steady like the turtle and get there safely.

Tire Pressure

This is a pretty basic yet often overlooked safety measure while towing a trailer. Make sure that your tire pressure is correct. Not only will the trailer or camper roll more efficiently, but this will reduce the risk of a blowout and make your driving experience smoother.

Ball Mounts

Each of the three ball mount sizes is rated for various weights, so be sure to use the correct size for your towing job. If you plan to make several tow trips with different tow loads, go ahead and change out the ball mounts for the specific job.


The brakes on your towing vehicle are critical and need regular servicing. Don’t neglect to maintain the brakes on your vehicle and trailer or you can guarantee some issues out on the road.

Lube Components

Axles, pivot joints, and tongue jack all need lubrication to work smoothly. Anywhere that steel meets steel or rubber requires some lubrication. Making sure the components are greased is going to go a long way in contributing to a safe towing journey.

Distribution Bars

The distribution bar is going to help you have a better connection between truck and trailer eliminating a lot of the bouncing that may usually go along with towing. Keep as much steering control as possible ensuring the distribution bar is parallel to the trailer frame.

Now that you have more information on hauling, transmission damage and more, you will be able to keep things operating effectively for longer. And if your transmission needs thorough, high-quality repair work or maintenance services, come on by and see us at Key Transmission and Gears in Englewood.

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Ram Truck Transmission Problems

'11_Ram_1500_Double_Cab_(MIAS_'11)Key Transmission & Gears is the company to depend on if you need help solving your Ram truck transmission problems. Our technical skill and commitment to customer service are two things that are sure to impress you. Let us be the auto shop you count on when it comes time to have your Ram truck transmission problems solved. Our team knows just how expensive and frustrating this repair can be; let us take the hassle out of things for you by setting up an appointment with our team to have your vehicle fixed by us.

We service all models in the Ram truck lineup: 1500, 2500, 3500, and the 4500. We have the tools it takes to handle all of your heavy-duty pickup truck needs. Be sure that you and your vehicle can show up for all of your jobs by having your Ram truck transmission problems checked out by the experts at Key Transmission & Gears. Our team can also service vehicles from any maker. If your car, truck, or SUV’s transmission needs attention, trust the professionals at Key Transmission & Gears to get you back on the road quickly, for less money than the other guys, and with a strong warranty to back up our work.