Manual transmission repairs in englewood

There are so many parts to a stick shift transmission!

Our customers, many of whom prefer a stick shift to an automatic transmission, are often surprised at the many different parts that comprise the system. How many of them would you immediately have thought of…

– Clutch and plate

– Flywheel

– Torque converter

– Driveshaft

– U-joints

– Synchronizer assembly

– Transfer case

– Differential

– CV joints and axles

– Driveshaft

– Bearings and hardware

With such a number, it’s easy to see why it makes great sense to trust your vehicle to the experts whenever there’s a problem to be diagnosed, a transmission repair to be undertaken, or even a rebuild to be constructed. Our team here at Key Transmission and Gears has the all experience and expertise you’d expect, so contact us on 303-806-8200.

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