5 Most Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Transmission, Part 1

5 Most Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Transmission, Part 1What do you need to know about your transmission to keep it in good working order and ensure a long life? Our experts here at Key Transmission and Gears in Denver, Colorado know the 5 most common mistakes that can ruin your transmission. In this blog post, we’ll cover the first two mistakes, then get to the last three reasons in a subsequent article, so watch out for that post coming soon.

A lot of people don’t know what a transmission does, so let’s start there. Basically, the transmission sends power from the engine to the wheels and makes them turn. How much power is adjusted by shifting gears? An automatic vehicle will shift gears for you, while a manual relies on the driver to choose the right gear. As you can see, it has a pretty important job.

Now, just like any machine, transmissions work their best when they are well-cared for. That’s why it’s essential to keep up on regular maintenance and have it checked out immediately if you notice any sign of problems, such as clunking or grinding noises, leaks (transmission fluid is red or pink), or if your car isn’t accelerating correctly. There are many symptoms, so be vigilant.

Even if you’re not too excited about spending the money to have it serviced, just think about how much it will cost to have it fixed if you end up with transmission failure. Our ASE certified mechanics at Key Transmission and Gears will tell you that a new transmission is a very expensive part to replace. So, let’s get to the first two of the 5 most common mistakes that can ruin your transmission.

  1. Not servicing the transmission – An automatic transmission is built to last for a long time, but it is not invincible. Just like anything else, it benefits greatly from periodic tune-ups. Dirt and other contaminants get into the system and build up significantly over time. If they are never cleaned out, your transmission will begin to run sluggishly. Ultimately, this will result in failure. 

The official recommendation is to have your transmission serviced and the fluid either flushed or changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. For most people, that equates to about every 2 to 5 years depending on the use of the vehicle. Make a schedule for servicing your transmission and be sure to stick to it! Don’t forget or let the unpleasant idea of spending the money keep you from having this important work done. Remember that transmission failure is a much more expensive undertaking than merely having it serviced every few years.

  1. Not refilling the transmission fluid – For an automatic transmission to function properly, it needs fluid. The fluid provides lubrication, hydraulic fluid pressure, and cools the transmission when it gets too hot. Your transmission may have fluid, but if it has too little the fluid, cannot perform its function well. Most commonly, that means that your transmission will run hot and a high temperature drastically reduces the lifespan of your transmission.

It’s important for our customers to understand how to take care of their transmissions correctly. While we’re experts at transmission repairs and replacements, we know it’s a big expense. And it can often be avoided when you know the 5 most common mistakes that can ruin your transmission. Now that you know the first two come back soon for the final three. And if you suspect a transmission issue, don’t forget to bring your car, truck or SUV to Key Transmission and Gears in Denver for diagnosis and repair!

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