Transmission Rebuild Service

Why take your vehicle to any other auto shop when you are in need of transmission rebuild service? Key Transmission and Gears is a family owned and operated mechanical transmission repair business that specializes in transmission repair and service provided by ASE certified auto technicians. When in need of services that fall within the constraints of transmission rebuilding, let our ASE certified auto technicians be the first to take a look at your vehicle. We offer a wide range of services on cars, trucks, and SUV’s; foreign and domestic of all makes and models. It doesn’t matter if your vehicle is manual or automatic, 2 or 4 wheel drive; we can identify possible transmission problems to help rebuild your transmission at affordable customer costs.

Some possible transmission problems that commonly occur are: worn or damaged parts within the transmission that may require an internal transmission repair, external controls within the transmission that may need replacement or adjustment, electrical controls or components that may need replacement or adjustment, or even problems with transmission fluids that may be too low or have insufficient pressure to keep your vehicle running properly. If your vehicle requires any sort of transmission rebuild service, you can leave a message by visiting our website or reach an ASE certified auto technician at Key Transmission and Gears as soon as possible. Also, make sure to look up or ask about the warranties that we offer so you feel assured that your transmission will continue to run smoothly.

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Key Transmission Gears

Manual Transmission Rebuild Shop

If you are in need of an automatic or manual transmission rebuild, look no further than the professionals at Key Transmission & Gears. Whether you simply need your transmission fluids flushed, or if you need a complete manual transmission replacement, we are here to serve you.

Key Transmission & Gears is happy to offer free electronic diagnostics for your vehicle. Let us pinpoint the issue and get to work with your manual transmission rebuild project. We have great prices on this typically expensive repair job. Contact us or sign on to our website to set an appointment with our wonderful and very talented team today. As a family owned and operated local Denver metro auto repair shop, you can trust us to provide you with top level service and care every time you trust us with your vehicle.

Choose us as your manual transmission rebuild shop in the metro Denver area. We have a great range of services available to help you ensure your car runs as well as possible. We can help you get your car’s suspension in line, we can shift your alignment, and we handle clutch repairs as well. Learn more about Key Transmission & Gears by getting in contact with us as soon as possible.

Key Transmission Gears

Driving with Transmission Issues

Driving with Transmission Issues Key Transmission & Gear DenverHow much do you know about driving with transmission issues? Our staff here at Key Transmission and Gears in Englewood, Colorado have put together a bit of information for you.

How do you know that something might be wrong with your transmission? Is it safe to keep driving your car if you feel the automatic transmission slipping? Let’s take a look at a few signs that your transmission is not in great shape and what could be happening with this crucial component.

It Changes Gears When It Shouldn’t

When an automatic transmission changes gears, you can usually hear a noise or change in pitch. If you start hearing that noise when your transmission shouldn’t be changing gears, such as driving on a flat road at a steady speed, that’s an indication that you’re driving with transmission issues.

Rough Gear Changes

While it is normal to hear a change in pitch when an automatic transmission switches gears, clunking or thudding is not. Also, notice if you feel unusual or more pronounced vibrations. These are indications that the gears are not changing smoothly. You also may find that the vehicle doesn’t accelerate well due to difficulty with the gear changes. These should be fluid, and the vehicle shouldn’t jerk or shake.

Vehicle is Less Responsive

When you shift from park to drive, a car should respond and begin moving right away. If you experience a significant delay, that’s an indication your transmission isn’t functioning correctly. Your engine may rev up and sound like it’s doing something, but your car won’t go anywhere for a time. This is unacceptable.

Low Fluid Level

The first thing to do if you notice that the transmission is slipping is to check your transmission fluid. Put the vehicle in park and leave it idling while checking the fluid level. The transmission has a dipstick to see the fluid level. If you find that it is low, give us a call immediately to service the transmission fluid.

Fluid Leak

Sometimes the fluid level is just low. But sometimes there is a reason, such as a leak. You can often tell if you have a leak by simply checking your garage floor. Transmission fluid is red, and a significant leak will leave marks under where your car is usually parked. If you notice these spots and transmission slipping symptoms, you can be very sure there is a leak. In that case, have an expert take a look.

So, should you continue driving with any of these transmission issues? It’s not recommended. If it’s bad enough, your vehicle could be quite unsafe. You don’t want your vehicle unexpectedly changing gears at random moments. It’s dangerous and could end up causing extensive damage to your engine.

Be sure to have your transmission checked out by the experts. We here at Key Transmission and Gears have over 20 years of experience working on transmissions. We have the knowledge necessary to get you safely back on the road again. Give us a call today and don’t risk driving with transmission issues.

Key Transmission Gears

Englewood Transmission Repair

Knowing that Key Transmission & Gears caters to all customers throughout Denver, Colorado and the surrounding metro area is great because that now includes Englewood, Colorado as well. It can be tricky to know the signs and symptoms of a faulty transmission and it can be an even bigger conundrum to know where to take your vehicle when in need of transmission repair. Key Transmission & Gears specifically specializes in transmission services and repair and we are readily available to our customers for Englewood transmission repair.
If your transmission “feels” faulty, it is best to take it the ASE certified auto mechanics who work for Key Transmission & Gears. Ignoring a faulty transmission can be a costly repair when you don’t recognize the signs or think that your vehicle can run further on a transmission that is broken or in need of any type of service or repair. Some of the causes proving that your vehicle could be in need of transmission repair and should be brought into our shop in Englewood are: worn or damaged parts internally within the transmission, external controls for transmission that may need replacement or adjustment, electrical controls or components that may need replacement or adjustment, and transmission fluid levels that are low or consist of insufficient pressure. For transmission repair in Englewood, bring your vehicle into Key Transmission & Gears.