Transmission maintenance and service

3 signs you may need your transmission repaired

It’s always great to know the signs to look for when determining if your vehicle needs transmission repair. Three signs you should know to look for are:

  1. Burnt or black transmission fluid

When your transmission is in good condition, its fluid is usually a bright red color. However, if your transmission fluid is very dark or smells burnt, you should have your transmission checked.

  1. Transmission makes noise in neutral mode

If you hear your transmission making noises in neutral mode, this could mean the transmission oil pump is malfunctioning or the filter is clogged. You should have your transmission checked as soon as possible if you notice this problem.

  1. Slipping transmission gears

This could be the result of a low fluid level, but it may also be something much more severe. Normal functioning transmissions are built to smoothly transition between gears, so if you notice any hesitating or slipping gears, this could mean your vehicle needs a transmission repair.

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