Truck Transmission repairs

Transmission Repair Vs. Replacement

If you are having transmission problems, it may be best to decide if you need a transmission repair or replacement. If you can rebuild your transmission yourself or know someone who can, that is also an option. Otherwise, repair and replacement can both be expensive.

If you are getting the transmission repaired, that means your current transmission will be diagnosed, and the problem will be fixed. A replacement means that the old transmission will be traded out for a refurbished or re-manufactured one.

Replacement is a better option than repair if your current transmission is about to go out ultimately, or it would take too long to diagnose and fix the problem. Also, if you keep fixing issues with your transmission, this may mean you are going to continue to have issues, and replacement would be better. And if the repairs you will be making add up to more than what it would cost to replace the transmission, then, of course, you should replace it.

Whether you need your transmission repaired or replaced, contact the professionals at Key Transmissions in Englewood, Colorado today!

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