Manual and Automatic Transmission Repairs

Tips for protecting a transmission this winter

Cold temperatures, ice and snow can damage your vehicle’s transmission in various ways this winter. Follow these tips to try to protect it:

  • Store your vehicle in a warm garage to prevent rapid transitions from freezing cold to hot temperatures at startup. Rapid temperature changes can make parts, materials and seals break down, which can cause parts failures and transmission fluid leaks.
  • Never accelerate and spin your tires to escape certain situations. Whether your vehicle becomes stuck in a ditch or snowbank this winter, any acceleration efforts to get out can damage the transmission. An acceleration escape overheats transmission fluid to the point that it stops working properly and metal parts even warp.
  • Hire a transmission expert to perform a preseason maintenance check and transmission repair, if necessary. If your vehicle has an old transmission, any other methods you try to protect it won’t work as well as with a new one. Additionally, an old transmission could break while you’re driving and cause an accident.

At Key Transmissions, our repair technicians assist our residential and business neighbors from Englewood and nearby areas with maintaining their transmissions at optimal levels year-round. Call today for more information or to schedule an inspection.

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