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The dangers of a dying transmission

Cars are our most valuable means of transportation, yet they also require the most care to ensure we get to our destination safely and on time every day. One of the most expensive repairs on any vehicle can be the transmission. With so many moving parts, the transmission is essentially the brains of your engine. If not maintained or repaired properly, it can result in catastrophic failures. Here are two of the main ones:

Transmission failure: The transmission drives the engine to transfer power to the wheels. When a transmission fails, this means that the engine can run but may not move you forward an inch. When this issue occurs your vehicle is immobilized, leaving you stranded. At this point, preventive maintenance is not an option, and your vehicle must be towed to the nearest service station for transmission repair.

Transmission Slippage: When your transmission begins to slip, this can cause premature wear and tear on your vehicle. The engine is spooling to create power, but the transmission is not able to transfer this power to the wheels. This causes premature wear and tear on your engine, and even more damage to your transmission.

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