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Six tell-tale signs of a slipping clutch

We’re often asked by customers how they might spot this problem of a slipping clutch. Here are six possible questions to answer:

  • Does your clutch pedal seem spongy, loose, or is it vibrating?
  • Are you having to make increasing efforts when you press down to engage it?
  • Is it difficult either to change or stay in gear?
  • Do you hear a squeaking or grinding sound?
  • While your engine revs, is the actual acceleration not what you’d expect?
  • Does it seem you are getting a lot less mileage than you’d expect per gallon?

If you spot any of these signs, it makes sense to talk to our Key Transmission and Gears clutch and transmission repair experts as soon as possible. Otherwise, what might have once been a simple repair could turn into a complete replacement!

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