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Key Transmission and Gears offers quality, reliability, service and warranty when repairing your transmission. Transmission service in Denver is easy to find through Key Transmission and Gears as we service all of Denver including the surrounding metro area and have been doing so successfully for over 20 years. Automobile transmissions are designed to hold each gear at predetermined speeds without complication. A common determination of a transmission problem is when you shift your selector into “drive” and the engine appears to race faster than the transmission. If automobile transmission slips between gears, it can lead to possible transmission problems.

Our ASE trained transmission technicians in Denver will determine the following problems worthy of transmission service: worn or damaged parts within the transmission that may require an internal repair, electrical controls that may need adjustment or replacement, external control for transmission which requires a simple adjustment or replacement, or the identification of insufficient transmission fluid levels that may be the cause of low fluid pressure. Key Transmission and Gears offer several warranty programs to avoid trouble free driving.  These warranties cover defective transmission materials and workmanship, including parts and labor. The warranties for Denver transmission service can be purchased for an allotted time of 12 months to 24 months or 12,000 to 24,000 miles; whichever comes first. Appointments can be made online but when it comes to the need for transmission service in Denver, do not hesitate to call and schedule your appointment at Key Transmission and Gears right away. 

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Key Transmission Gears

5 Signs You Need a Transmission Flush

5 Signs You Need a Transmission FlushYou don’t need to be a professional like the Key Transmission and Gears team, but having a handle on tips like these 5 signs you need a transmission flush will come in handy for keeping your car running optimally and knowing when something isn’t quite right. Most importantly, you’ll know a bit more about how your vehicle works and when an issue needs help from our experts.

On average, you can expect that you should have a transmission flush performed around every 30,000 miles. For the average vehicle, that should be about 2 years. On occasion, however, things don’t go quite so perfectly and knowing the warning signs can help prevent a bigger issue from developing.

  1. Transmission begins to grind or make other strange noises

This usually happens because the transmission fluid is low or filled with grime or other sludge. If you notice odd sounds emanating from your transmission, you can check your transmission fluid with the vehicle running. Clean fluid will be bright red whereas dirty fluid will be brown or even black. If the level is good, that’s an indication that it needs a flush.

  1. Difficulty shifting gears

This applies whether your vehicle is manual or automatic. In an automatic, you may notice sluggish gear change performance, while in a manual it may become tough even to change gears. This is usually due to too much sludge, or grime, built up in the transmission fluid and is blocking proper flow.

  1. Gears are slipping

Another sign that your transmission fluid is too dirty and is not properly flowing is losing hydraulic power. Again, this can also be caused by too little fluid, but a simple check will tell you whether you have adequate fluid. If your level is right, you probably need a flush.

  1. Vehicle surging ahead

That inconsistent flow of dirty transmission fluid can also cause your car to surge ahead or fall back for unexplained reasons. If your car starts behaving erratically, the transmission fluid is a likely culprit.

  1. Sluggish vehicle response

The final sign that you may need a transmission flush is if your car is slow to respond when switching gears. It might even stall a little for a couple of seconds before catching and beginning to move after having switched gears.

Of course, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you don’t have to be an expert on cars to be a good driver. However, if you do notice one of these 5 signs you need a transmission flush it would be a great idea to turn it over to the professionals here at Key Transmission and Gears to find the problem and get it taken care of quickly and efficiently. Our 20 years of experience working in the Denver metro area has given us a wealth of knowledge when it comes to common vehicle problems, and we can get your vehicle up and running, back on the road in no time. Call or contact us today for an appointment.

Key Transmission Gears

Ford Transmission Repair Shop

Make Key Transmission & Gears your Ford transmission repair shop in Denver. We have provided service to countless drivers in the area, and we would love to help you get on the road safely with our mechanical knowledge. We work hard to save you money and finish your repair as quickly as possible. Contact us to set an appointment with our talented technicians today. Depend on a Ford transmission repair shop that is committed to your satisfaction.

Our team can handle manual and automatic transmission repairs on any make and model. We have the training and experience you are looking for in a trusted Ford transmission repair shop. Make sure your Ford truck, car, or SUV stays in business for as many years as possible when you let the professionals at Key Transmission & Gears handle your routine vehicle maintenance and transmission repair or replacement needs.

Let us check your transmission for worn down or damaged parts in need of replacement. Simply repairing the pieces instead of replacing your whole transmission is much more economical repair. Our team will check out your electrical controls to be sure the problem doesn’t lie there to save you money. Count on Key Transmission & Gears for all of your Ford transmission repair needs.

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Englewood Transmission Repair

Knowing that Key Transmission & Gears caters to all customers throughout Denver, Colorado and the surrounding metro area is great because that now includes Englewood, Colorado as well. It can be tricky to know the signs and symptoms of a faulty transmission and it can be an even bigger conundrum to know where to take your vehicle when in need of transmission repair. Key Transmission & Gears specifically specializes in transmission services and repair and we are readily available to our customers for Englewood transmission repair.
If your transmission “feels” faulty, it is best to take it the ASE certified auto mechanics who work for Key Transmission & Gears. Ignoring a faulty transmission can be a costly repair when you don’t recognize the signs or think that your vehicle can run further on a transmission that is broken or in need of any type of service or repair. Some of the causes proving that your vehicle could be in need of transmission repair and should be brought into our shop in Englewood are: worn or damaged parts internally within the transmission, external controls for transmission that may need replacement or adjustment, electrical controls or components that may need replacement or adjustment, and transmission fluid levels that are low or consist of insufficient pressure. For transmission repair in Englewood, bring your vehicle into Key Transmission & Gears.