Should I Repair Or Replace My Car Transmission

Should I Repair Or Replace My Car TransmissionA car owner’s nightmare comes to life when somebody says to them ‘it looks like you’re going to need a new transmission.’ Transmission repairs are time-consuming and very difficult, which translates to they are very labor intensive and of course extremely expensive. However, when you hear those dreaded words, you are left with a choice. Should you repair or replace your car transmission? There are pluses and minuses to both options, and you can get information from this article or talk to one of our knowledgeable employees at Key Transmission and Gears in Sheridan, Colorado.

First of all, let’s take a look at rebuilding, or repairing your transmission. Simply put, this means that your transmission will be removed from your vehicle and completely disassembled. Parts that are damaged or severely worn will be identified and replaced, and any known problems that have been addressed by the manufacturer will be updated and/or replaced. It is kind of like the patches and updates that computer manufacturers put out when they identify bugs and weak spots in their program design. Unfortunately, transmission manufacturers cannot just send out an electronic signal and fix everybody’s transmissions on the spot. But, parts of your transmission will have to be replaced if your transmission is torn apart awaiting a rebuild. Part replacement a huge plus to having your transmission rebuilt instead of replaced. Every bug or problem that is known to date will be addressed with your transmission before they put it back together and reinstall it in your vehicle. The major downside is that since transmissions are so incredibly complicated a specialist and a lot of time is required to perform the work.

So what about replacing your transmission instead? A new one must be the better option, right? Well, not exactly. Truly new transmissions are usually only used during the production of a new car. So when you buy a ‘new’ transmission for your car, you will most likely be receiving one that is rebuilt. The plus side to this is that it is much quicker because you do not have to wait for it to be taken apart, serviced and then put back together again. Plus, the work is done in a factory setting with highly trained specialists performing the task and each transmission is turned out according to the highest factory specifications. The downside is that these ‘updates’ are not up to the minute. You may be buying a transmission that was rebuilt a couple of years ago and it is possible that other problems have arisen in the meantime.

So should you repair or replace your car transmission? It’s really up to you! Rebuilding your transmission means you have to find a good specialist, wait a bit longer and probably spend a bit more money, but the trade-off is a transmission that is completely up to date and will probably last longer. Replacing your transmission means you’ll get one guaranteed to be up to factory specifications and you’ll get it much faster. Talk to a trusted company like Key Transmission and Gears in Sheridan, Colorado and they can give you advice on what is best in your particular situation.

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