Manual transmission replacement in Englewood

..And three problems with a manual transmission

Our last blog post looked at 3 problems with an automatic transmission, so we thought we’d provide the same advice if your vehicle transmission is manual. Here are signs to watch out for…

  1. Noise: if you hear a scraping or a grinding sound, either when cruising or shifting gear, it could be a transmission problem.
  2. Pedal: if your pedal feels soft when pushed, it could be caused by clutch problems. If it feels hard, again it could be clutch or linkage.
  3. Gear: if shifting isn’t effortlessly smooth, or if the gear disengages and slips out of a fixed position, you could end up freewheeling.

If you spot any of these signs, our Key Transmission and Gears repair shop team is ready to provide the swift and professional help you need…

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