Adding Transmission Gears is Adding Fuel Economy

Adding Transmission Gears is Adding Fuel EconomyWith gas prices constantly on the rise, fuel economy is a big deal to buyers as they consider what type of car they want. Logically, to get better fuel economy, you have to sacrifice size, and we have seen smaller and smaller cars becoming more and more popular. But car manufacturers have found another trick to add to their bag. They have found that adding transmission gears is adding fuel economy.

Here at Key Transmission and Gears in Colorado, we like to keep up with the current trends and know what’s happening in the car world. We think our customers should be aware too, so here is the latest news about new engine models that are being developed with far more than the traditional 5 or 6 gears. 

The 10-speed 2018 Ford Mustang

It’s all still in the rumor stage, but the Internet has been alive with speculation about Ford’s new Mustang for 2018. The word is that they will be releasing their newest Mustang complete with a 10-speed automatic transmission. It is not unprecedented as Ford and Chevy worked together to develop the popular 10-speed Camaro ZL1. It makes perfect sense that Ford would be turning out one of their own in the near future. 

The 11-speed, 3-clutch Honda

Last year Ford put in a patent on an 11-speed transmission. However, Honda is in the running with their 11-speed, 3-clutch design. It’s unclear as of yet, which one will release an 11-speed model first. This is great news for those of you that don’t like pouring money into your gas tank. Small cars will start getting insanely good gas mileage plus people won’t have to buy the smallest car available just to save on fuel. Larger vehicles could suddenly become much more efficient! 

The 8-speed Chevy Colorado

The mid-size Chevy Colorado is already a pretty popular choice as it strikes a delicate balance between a big get ‘er-done vehicle and fuel economy. The 2017 model with its 8-speed transmission and V6 engine just made a good thing even better. The idea is that this new model will come with better gas mileage, improved capabilities for gear shifting and improved towing capabilities.

Exciting new things are happening in the auto industry right now, and you want to be sure that you don’t get left behind. Not everybody wants to be a car expert so a great substitute is to find a reputable mechanic whose word you can trust when it comes to car questions. It’s also important that they are not stuck in a rut and are advancing and learning about each new technology as it comes out.

Here at Key Transmission and Gears, we have over 20 years of experience servicing cars in the metro Denver area. We move forward by building on our knowledge and learning new things every day. We’re excited about this concept that adding transmission gears is adding fuel economy and will ensure that our technicians know how to handle these new transmissions as they start arriving in our shop. Rest assured that you can trust us with your car repair needs.

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Denver Automatic Transmission Rebuild

When you are in need of affordable and time-efficient automatic transmission rebuild in Denver Colorado, you can find fantastic, and professional services at Key Transmission & Gears. Our transmission repair facility is family owned and operated, so we recognize the need for individualized attention. Our goal is to be able to identify the problem and provide you with quick and safe repairs; providing 100% customer satisfaction. Our ASE certified auto mechanics that are employed by Key Transmission & Gears are trained to perform free electronic diagnostics and roadside testing. If you’re experiencing a problem, our staff can determine the problem regarding why you may be in need of an automatic transmission rebuild.

Some of the following could be the cause of your transmission malfunction and the main reason that our customers need to invest in automatic transmission rebuild in Denver: worn or damaged parts within the transmission may require an internal transmission repair, external controls for the transmission may simply need replacement or adjustment, electrical controls or components may need adjustment replacement, or the transmission fluid level may be low causing insufficient fluid pressure. If you find yourself in a predicament and are in the Denver area or the surrounding metro areas, come to our auto repair facility first for a quote on your transmission rebuild.

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Manual Versus Automatic Transmissions

Manual Versus Automatic Transmissions Key Transmission and Gears EnglewoodToday, the experts at Key Transmissions and Gears in Englewood give you a quick primer on manual versus automatic transmissions. While most cars seem to come as automatics these days, there are still manuals available. Even if you don’t know how to drive one, you may be inclined to learn how so that you can enjoy some of the fun that comes with it. Then again, an automatics do have their own advantages, so let’s take a look at a few of the differences.

Ease of Use

As we said, when it comes to manual versus automatic transmissions, the most prominent issue is that a lot of people simply don’t know how to drive them. Manuals are more complicated to learn than automatics, and you have to be relatively coordinated to learn how to do it well.

Gas Mileage

Manuals typically win out over automatics in this department. Vehicles equipped with a manual transmission almost always get better gas mileage than vehicles equipped with an automatic. Of course, it can depend on how you drive it – speed being a major factor.

Other people driving your car

Fewer and fewer people know how to drive vehicles with manual transmissions these days so if you have one, that lowers the pool of people that can drive your car. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. For example, if you’re injured (or had a little too much to drink at a party) the friend you would like to drive your car, may not know how to. On the flip side, your vehicle is less likely to be stolen as not all thieves know how to drive a manual.


If you spend a lot of time in stop and go traffic, an automatic transmission will make your life so much easier. Instead of having to go through all the steps (clutch in, shift gears, clutch out) every time you crawl forward 10 feet you can simply take your foot off the brake.


Automatic transmissions are more complicated than their manual counterparts. Because of this, they tend to cost more at the outset. They require more transmission maintenance due to a more complex design. Add that to the reduced gas mileage, and you find that you can be paying quite a bit for the extra comfort that driving an automatic provides.


Because you have more control over a vehicle with a manual transmission, they are more fun to drive. In general, it can make you feel like a star in The Fast and the Furious to be picking up speed on the freeway and shifting gears. Just don’t have too much fun or you might end up with a speeding ticket.


A vehicle with an automatic transmission is a little bit safer to drive than one with a manual. The reason for this is that you can keep both hands on the wheel and more attention on the road because you don’t have to worry about the gears. However, once you become fluent in manual driving, this becomes less of a factor.

If you have questions about manual versus automatic transmissions, feel free to talk to our staff here at Key Transmission and Gears. And no matter what you drive, trust that our certified technicians know your transmission inside and out. We offer expert maintenance and repair right here at our shop in Englewood, Colorado.

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Manual Transmission Rebuild Shop

If you are in need of an automatic or manual transmission rebuild, look no further than the professionals at Key Transmission & Gears. Whether you simply need your transmission fluids flushed, or if you need a complete manual transmission replacement, we are here to serve you.

Key Transmission & Gears is happy to offer free electronic diagnostics for your vehicle. Let us pinpoint the issue and get to work with your manual transmission rebuild project. We have great prices on this typically expensive repair job. Contact us or sign on to our website to set an appointment with our wonderful and very talented team today. As a family owned and operated local Denver metro auto repair shop, you can trust us to provide you with top level service and care every time you trust us with your vehicle.

Choose us as your manual transmission rebuild shop in the metro Denver area. We have a great range of services available to help you ensure your car runs as well as possible. We can help you get your car’s suspension in line, we can shift your alignment, and we handle clutch repairs as well. Learn more about Key Transmission & Gears by getting in contact with us as soon as possible.